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Restoration of the last Q stock train

Help keep us on track

London Transport Museum are restoring three octogenarian art -deco sub-surface Q stock cars back to their former glory.

To mark the District line’s 150th anniversary, London Transport Museum is restoring a special part of the line’s heritage, the Q stock train.

Help us raise the £150,000 needed to complete the restoration of three of the four remaining Q Stock cars.

Geoff Thorne, Bob Bedford, Adrian Morris, Steven Green and Jeremy Bentham talk about the progress we’ve made so far.

How you can help

We aim to restore three Q stock cars to operational use and include them in our award-winning heritage vehicle outings programme alongside the much loved 1938 stock, Metropolitan Railway ‘Jubilee’ carriage No. 353 and Battle Bus.

Helping us restore the Q stock contributes to our mission to use the story of transport and uphold our reputation as an accessible institution for everyone to experience transport history.

With your help we can complete the restoration of three Q stock cars and tell the transport story of:

  • Evacuating children from London during the Second World War using trains on the District line
  • Rebuilding of post-war London and serving the 1948 Olympics in London
  • Developing London’s Theatre land otherwise known as the West End.

We need your help to raise £150,000 to restore a remarkable piece of transport history and ensure all three cars can take to the tracks again.

Thanks to a bequest from the late Bob Greenaway and individual donations made by London Transport Museum Friends, work has already begun on the car interiors which is being carried out by a mix of retired professionals and young volunteers.

But we can’t do it without your support. We need to generate £100,000 to complete work on the undercarriage of all three cars and a further £50,000 to restore two brake vans which will enable the train to run.


Make a donation and help us reach our final destination.

If we raise more money than is needed for this project, any additional funds will go to care of the Museum’s collection